Currently, Adream serves students from grades 1-9 in public schools across China. In order to provide and maintain quality education in marginalized areas and among the underprivileged sectors of the populace, we have developed the Adream Center network, which consists of the following: “Adream Centers” (a network of multimedia classrooms), “Adream Courses” (a competency-based education curriculum focused on innovative learning and student growth), “Adream Guide” (an instruction method R&D and teacher training program), “Adream Bank” (an incentives program for teachers), and “Adream Box”(a social networking services platform for teachers and beneficiary schools).

Adream Center

One of the core products of the Adream mission, the “Adream Center”, is a network of multimedia classrooms built in schools in rural areas and urban inner-cities. Basic features of each classroom include: books, furniture, computers, and internet access.

In an Adream classroom, classroom walls are brought to life by children’s imaginative drawings, and desks can be arranged according to children’s tastes – some have chosen to mimic a fairytale castle, for example. Here, children can explore the world in books or on the internet, both of which are readily accessible. The classroom podium is colorful and child-sized, inviting each student to share his/her experiences, insights, and passion with fellow classmates.


From its inception in 2007 to its newest iteration in 2018, the Adream Center has evolved from a library with modest aspirations to a multimedia learning environment full of countless possibilities. However, it is not the classroom’s hardware, but rather Adream’s vision of a humanistic education that transforms children into future leaders, thinkers and innovators. As of 2018, there are 3319 Adream Centers across every province in China, serving over 3.6 million students and teachers.

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Adream Curriculum

“Adream Curriculum” consists of 40 courses spread out over three modules: “Who Am I?” “Where Am I Going?” and “How Do I Get There?” Furthermore, the curriculum is divided into three sections: grades 1-3, grades 4-6, and grades 7-9.  Each module aims to cultivate specific skills and values in students. The “Who Am I?” module develops the students’ self-awareness and recognition of their place in society and in the environment; the “Where Am I Going?” module cultivates the students’ mind, with a focus on encouraging open-minded and creative thinking so they can begin exploring all that life has to offer; and the “How Do I Get There?” module develops critical skills, such as teamwork and problem-solving, and practical skills such as personal finance, and career hunting.

The core values of Adream Courses are diversity, tolerance, and creativity. We believe that as students gain exposure to different perspectives, they will adopt a more tolerant attitude in life, thereby enabling them to be creative and innovative thinkers and doers.


Adream collaborated with East China Normal University’s Institute of Curriculum and Instruction to develop the Adream Curriculum. The course units were developed by a team of academics and professionals, including high-school curriculum experts, education experts (in game-based learning, theater, drawing, etc.), peer institutions, and outstanding teachers from the Adream program.

To put it simply, Adream Courses seek to provide well-rounded, competency-based education for students in grades 1-9, integrating topics like problem-solving, teamwork, creative activities, and emotional management into multidisciplinary course units.

Adream Guide

The “Adream Coach” Program trains teachers at beneficiary schools in instruction methodologies and empowers them to engage in local education reform. Adream sends in volunteers (university students, outstanding “Adream Course” teachers, etc.) to train teachers in China’s rural areas, introducing them to new instruction methods and Adream’s educational philosophy. Then, the teachers we trained become important contributors towards local education reform.


Adream Box

Adream Box is an online SNS platform for teachers participating in the Adream program. In the Adream Box, teachers can post pictures of their classes as well as upload/download relevant course materials. The platform also enables teachers to contact other teachers in the program for advice and assistance on teaching particular Adream Courses. Adream Box seeks to build local and/or regional communities of Adream teachers, who can then have a positive impact on local education.

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