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From June 22-23, 2017, Adream’s ten-year anniversary poster was displayed on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square for all the world to see! Ten years of Adream – letting the world see our passion!


There’s a kind of love called loyal companionship

There’s a kind of speed called Adream speed


With the support of our countless donors, volunteers, and partners, for ten long years Adream has been pushing forward the development of children’s competency-based education, promoting balance in education, and helping children grow up with the confidence, empathy, and dignity needed to chase their dreams.


If there is a path to obtaining one’s dreams, then that path is surely perseverance. Ten years is over 3650 days, and having over 3000 Adream Centers gives us an average of close to one new Adream Center every day. That’s Adream speed. We’re working in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and empowering over 3 million teachers and students, over 3000 principles, and 300 education bureaus.
Throughout the course of our development, driven only by love, Adream has persisted. It is just as the Chairwoman of Adream, Jiangxue Pan said, “All these years, nobody has asked us to do anything, nor told us how to do it. A group of self-empowered people grouped together to explore how to empower people to help children see into the future in this post-industrial era.”


Adream has been exploring the PPP (public-private partnership, charities + society  + government + schools) model of educational empowerment. First and foremost, Adream takes a bottom-up approach, growing out of one small classroom at a time.
The strength of private enterprise and the general public come together to create our Adream Centers, which become a window for getting competency-based education into schools. When Adream enters the classroom, we quickly come to understand the needs of teachers and students. We then work to change the outdated, traditional style of education through the study and implementation of multidisciplinary resources, and the use of new technologies and educational theories to empower students, teachers, and principles. We have also been making progress in getting local governments to explore educational reform, increase education budgets, implement good policy, and support the Adream program.
We can’t sit on the sidelines and observe the evolution of education in China. Only by empowering education and instilling in children the bravery to explore the unknown can we help children grow up with confidence, empathy and dignity, and let them see into the future.


Thank you to all our donors, Adream partners, and the CEO of Lutu Advertising Media Company Mr. Qiang Gao for giving Adream this ten-year anniversary gift: letting children see into the future, letting China see passion in education, letting the world see China.


We also want to thank everyone who supported us through these years


Ten Years of Adream, it’s all thanks to you!