Adream Chairperson and Cross-boundary Charity Activist Pan Jiangxue Receives the “Charitable Person of the Year” Award -The 4th CCTV Charity Night


Educational Assistance – A beautiful school is not everything

Only by arousing students’ passion can we renew their interest in learning

Business ideas are the key to success as a charity

Your cross-boundary work has started a new season

Lift your head and see the budding leaves blowing in the wind

On August 23, at the recording of the 4th CCTV Charity Night, the Chairperson of the Adream Foundation and Cross-boundary Charity Activist Pan Jiangxue was honored with the “CCTV Charitable Person of the Year” award. Environmental Protection, Education Assistance, Poverty Alleviation, Elderly Care, and Disability Assistance were the five main themes of the night, and in the Education Assistance field, Adream has been using forward-looking business concepts, cross-boundary empowerment exploration, and diverse sharing connections to start a new season for charitable education organizations.


We live in a diversifying, individualized era. Even in charity, there is a large call for diversified values. When the list of award recipients is revealed, every charitable person of the year has their own story about moving people through their outstanding contributions. Every one of them represents different aspects and different views on charity. If you look at Adream, it is exploring cross-boundary empowerment, it is business models turned into effective practice. As Pan Jiangxue has said, this is the aspiration of a charity entrepreneur who has done charity for ten years, this is the breadth and depth of a life under a framework of diversified thinking.

During the award ceremony, Pan Jiangxue said “Charity… is a very, very professional affair. Charitable organizations are social organizations, they are platforms for bringing together philanthropy and morality, so how can we give society a clean, transparent answer sheet for love?”


When love grows until it becomes borderless, the world will become more beautiful. On September 5, 2017, just a few hours after China Charity Day, CCTV will hold the 4th CCTV Charity Night, and conduct the “Ten Charitable People of the Year” awards ceremony.