Thanks to those who have been with us for the last ten years!

As abject poverty gradually continues to disappear, unequal access to educational resources is becoming the biggest remaining imbalance within society. As old slate desks and dilapidated classrooms are replaced by national investment in new educational facilities, we still see that our vision is growing narrower, our ideas are becoming obsolete, and that we lack gentleness in our educational environments. As educational models that only teach children to repeat rote knowledge are killing students’ passion and imagination, we are trying to go back to the roots of education, and look after all aspects of children’s growth.


From the beginning, we have been motivated by our hopes for this beautiful world, the discovery of enjoyable education, and concern for children’s rounded development. Adream has made the development of competency-based education, promoting balance in education, and helping children grow up with self-confidence, empathy, and dignity our missions over the past ten years. We have already helped over three million children spread their wings, dare to dream and envision their future.


If one was to take a look from 2007 to 2017, through these ten years of Adream, one would find that it is essentially a record of the implementation of competency-based education in China. Under the leadership of the Adream Foundation’s founder, Pan Jiangxue, and with the support of all Adream partners, we have built ourselves up from nothing. From our start as one small library in a village school, Adream has grown to cover 31 regions across China. We have grown from step-by-step exploratory implementation to a steady developmental system. We moved from our v1.0 “Starting to Learn” to v2.0 “Learning Well”, and are now moving into v3.0 “Well Learned” though relentless innovation. From the beginning, we have followed the concept of “Public Transparency, Effective Professionalism”, and have won the honor of being named the Most Transparent Charity in China by Forbes Magazine (China) four years in a row. In 2016, we also placed #1 on Jiemian’s list of the most transparent charities in China.


We’ve been following the path our hearts, our dreams, and our callings have lead us down for ten years and children’s competency-based education has become a cornerstone for all Adream partner’s efforts to look after our youth. From the start, we’ve all been in the same boat. No matter the weather, we continued down this path together for over a decade, and together we bore witness to the efforts made to cultivate competency-based education in China. In life, there is no wrong path, every step we take counts.


Ten Years – Adream has encountered countless thought-provoking people and stories, and at the same time written the history of helping children’s dreams enter the reality of love

Ten Years – 3650 Days

Ten Years – Adream’s total donations from all our compassionate donors reached 466,000,000RMB

Ten Years – Adream has built over 3000 Adream Centers, our laboratory for competency-based education

Ten Years – Adream has developed 31 Adream Courses to give students more diverse outlooks, self-confidence, and innovative thinking

Ten Years – Over 100,000 volunteers from private enterprises donated a combined total of over 50,000 hours of their time

Ten Years – Adream has empowered over 120,000 teachers, benefitting over 3,000,000 students

Ten Years – Over 60,000 people have received training as part of our Adream Coach plan

Education is a kind of calling. If we want to help children grow up with confidence, empathy, and dignity we can’t only rely on our own efforts, or the efforts of only one generation of people. This is a slow process that requires all sides to work together. Every talented person is someone who benefitted from their education, and should be someone who supports and repays that education system.


Adream persists, and we thank all our family members and friends who have given us support over these ten years.

Adream persists, and we thank all the local governments and education bureaus who have worked hard to push forward competency-based education over these ten years.

Adream persists, and we thank all the corporate and personal donors who have helped us over these ten years.

Adream persists, and we thank all the teachers who have held fast to Adream, and cherished their students’ dreams over these ten years.

Adream persists, and we thank all our friends, both online and offline, who have been following over these ten years.

Adream persists, and we thank our volunteers for practicing what they preach and giving their invaluable support to us over these ten years.

Finally, we must also thank ourselves – Adream, from the start, we’ve been rushing in headfirst with determination, and an unerring sense of purpose.

Society’s exploration of competency-based education is still ongoing, so Adream must also unceasingly keep moving forward. Everybody will find their own role to play, this is not only the responsibility of wealthy people, and first-world countries. These values, from top to bottom, cast light on every Adreamer’s shadow. In China, competency-based education is fighting to give every child an equal chance, to offer a place for empowering children, and to give children’s dreams the chance to grow. It is empowering children with the courage to explore the unknown, then from there see into the future and create a dream they can call their own.

We are driven forward only by love and dreams. We hope more and more people who are interested in changing education in China will come to us of their own accord and practice what they preach by joining in our activities so that we might mutually benefit. In a competency-based education space like our Adream Centers, where we provide a warm, unbounded study environment, they can empower more and more students with self-confidence, dreams, and courage. They can help students face the future, dare to seek the truth, be loving, and chase their dreams.

Adream’s script is still being written

Love’s story is still playing out

These brilliant displays

Belong to the children

And belong to every single

Member and friend of the Adream Family

That you and I have invested in

Ten years of Adream

Started from the Heart

Adream Persists

In the years to come, please stay addicted to Adream!